The Bogburn 2012


The Bogburn, located at the Haydock farm in Vermont,  is one of those races “the way things used to be.” A great course with 7.5km (done twice) of single track over twisting, rolling trails. Low-key atmosphere. Six to eight inches of fresh, natural snow. I remember real snow.

I skied one of my better classic races.  Good preparation, testing a number of hard wax alternatives, in tricky conditions:  fresh snow, sun and shade, temperatures at freezing point.  I eventually went with Rode “Fast” Extra Blue with some Rode “Fast” Red underneath to fill out the klister pocket.  My kick was good over most of the course (when I could force my fatiguing body into the right positions and timing) and the wax was fast.  I was able to handle the technical downhill turns at speed, albeit with a few exceptions that resulted in some face-plants.   Mostly, I skied the numerous transitions far more smoothly than past races, and I was able to stride uphills with less slipping.  All that time spent on reinforcing the technique is paying off.



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