Classic Over-distance

Today was another klister day with 2 hours of classic over-distance on corn snow in warming conditions. I tried out the Swix KR for the first time and was not disappointed. KR 60 provided reliable kick and lasted the full session, even as the snow turned to a watery slush on the sunny sides of the hills, and it really helped me fine tune some of my technique issues. I finally reached the point where I could get body position and timing consistently lined up and when I did so, there was plenty of kick. A few times I slipped and I could immediately correct it without losing momentum.

One of the challenges I’ve had this season is turning the theory of the technique to action. Because my kick has been so unreliable, I would hesitate to commit to it, which of course guarantees I wouldn’t have much kick at all, and when I would try overcompensate with too much power into the kick, the ski would just fly out behind me. I overcame a lot of that today, but it’s wasn’t easy. After 45 minutes, all the muscles in my hips got tired enough that I really had to pay attention to what I was doing and not get lazy or sloppy. One of the big benefits of an over-distance day is reinforcing good technique as your controlling muscles get fatigued. This enables an automaticity to the technique and is essential to getting through longer races or shorter ones at high-intensity. Sometimes there’s one workout where it all comes together and from then on everything is different. I’m hoping that was today’s workout.

When doing such a long workout, it’s important to stay hydrated and fueled up. I drank a large bottle of Cytomax and ate a Gu during the workout, which was enough to get me through. After 30km, I was pretty hungry. On weekends, Weston Ski Track has a kiosk from Silk Road BBQ and I re-fueled there on a pulled pork sandwich and white bean chili.


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