2011 B.A.A. Half Marathon

I had to sign up for this so early — sometime in June — that I almost forgot I had done so.  I spent most of the summer with a nagging achilles tendonitis situation, so I wasn’t putting in the running miles.  But if I’m going to do a race, then I’m going to race it.  I ran the first 6 miles at sub-6:00 pace and was on track to run under 1:20 which would be a PR.  But at mile 7, I started to feel this twinge in the side of my right knee. It just got worse from there, working its way up the biceps femoris until I had to walk.  Nothing like having to do that in front of crowds of people cheering you on, or other runners telling you to “just push through it.”  So I ran/walked the rest of the race.  My mile splits went up by a minute each mile for the next 4 miles.  My position dropped from somewhere in the top-40 to 251st.  Also, I kept getting a funny feeling in my left toe which is probably why my foot looked like this at the end.


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